kaspa wallet address change why

Why does KASPA address in wallet change every time?

Recently, some of my friends have been asking me why their Kaspa wallet addresses keep changing, making it difficult to remember. In fact, this is a system mechanism of Kaspa designed to protect the privacy and security of addresses. It is to prevent others from linking the hash value of a payment or receipt to the real “you”. This change is also because in cryptocurrency, every time an address is used to send or receive funds, the address is exposed and privacy is weakened, making it vulnerable to attacks. Therefore, UTXO-type blockchains like Kaspa often adopt this standard practice of changing addresses after each use.

KDX and Web Wallet will detect when an address is used and generate a new address after each use to ensure your privacy and security. However, this does not mean that the previously used addresses are invalid and can still be used.

In other words, in cryptocurrency networks, there may be some “change” $KAS returned to your wallet when a transaction is made. These “change” $KAS will be sent to a new change address instead of the original address, enhancing your security.

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