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Twitter has been making a lot of moves since Musk’s acquisition, and in its recent update, it added a “For You” recommendation feature. Based on the follower network, it recommends content, and by default, when you enter the web version, it shows “For You” and turns the Personal Timeline into a Public Zone like a square. Especially with various small yellow promotions interspersed, it increasingly feels like the nutrition can’t keep up.

Moreover, the most annoying point is that Twitter does not officially provide the function of turning off “Recommended For You”, so it can only be solved through other ways.

A few days ago, while browsing Greasyfork, I found a script that could restore Twitter to its original state, showing your own timeline by default. It’s called Control Panel for Twitter.

Here are some of its features, to summarize briefly:

  • Default to “Following” (chronological) timeline, and if Twitter tries to move you to an “For You” (algorithmic) timeline, it will automatically switch you back.
  • Hide the “For You” tab.
  • Move Retweets to a separate tab.
  • Move Quoted Tweets and their replies to a separate tab on the home timeline.
  • Hide tweets that quote accounts you have blocked.
  • Hide “Who to Follow,” “Follow some topics,” etc. (right sidebar) on the home timeline and elsewhere.
  • Full-width timeline: hide the sidebar and make the timeline content display full-width on the home, lists, and communities.
  • UI adjustments.

alias 中文版: Control Panel for Twitter,关闭Twitter讨厌的推荐!

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